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Polycom Customer Success Award

Written by Samanta Coelho

Evidently, exit stories, widely known as costumer success cases, are excellent tools of marketing and commercial area support. Nonetheless, enabling company’s authorization, producing content and getting the final approvals are strenuous tasks. Most of the times, the project sinks in the lack of companies’ priority to provide testimonies of their providers, even when the satisfaction with the service or product is high.

In order to face this challenge and also aiming to recognize, spread and reward companies that best use video collaboration in their business, Polycom, a company that promotes human collaboration and provides secure solutions of voice, video and content, has decided in 2014 to create Polycom Success Award (CSA).

Project’s idealization and execution was in charge of EPR. Since its firsts framings, till’ the elaboration of regulation, the form to be available online to clients, the choice of judges’ commission, the evaluation of the enrolled cases,  the contact with companies to complete their information and, finally,  the elaboration of stories, the final approval and the enrollment’s validation. In order to encourage their participation, beyond writing a marketing email to those who had showed interest, we made an action that consisted on spreading news along with the media.

At the end of the process, which has lasted six months, there were 45 companies enrolled. After all the contacts, analysis, and the adhesion’s verification of stories to award’s requirements, 13 customer success cases were elaborated. The initiative was considered for all, especially Polycom’s direction, of great success, not only because of the high number of enrollments but, also, because of the quality of the content that had been generated.

Apart from the satisfaction of the participant companies on having their projects recognized, the aims related to brands dissemination and Polycom’s technology in the market have been achieved. All success cases were approved, as agreed by the regulation, and also were put together with the press, resulting in a diversity of publications and myriads of featured articles, in which Polycom’s solution has always received a highlighted position.



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