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Media presence in Brazil strengthens an international health brand

Written by Ana Tarragó

Communication and media relations strategies are key allies when it comes to companies that are enlarging their global actuation. In order to conquer success in Brazil, international companies need to make their brands also recognized locally, even those who already are leaders in their markets on different parts of the world.

This was exactly Wolters Kluwer’s evaluation, a global leader in information services, headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, with clients in more than 180 countries and more than 19 thousand collaborators all over the world. To make possible their aim of enlarging their presence inside the Brazilian market and to increase their UpToDate® adoption – a resource of medical decisions support, which is used by more than a million professionals in the world, the company has decided to uphold a communication strategy that was able to rise up their visibility in Brazil. The marketing directors have looked up for references in the Brazilian market in order to identify a Public Relation agency that had experience in both health and IT. That was how they found EPR Comunicação Corporativa, whose portfolio includes Fanem, Hill Rom, Draeger Medical and ABIMO – Brazilian Industry of Health Devices, in addition to a large range of technology companies.

“EPR has been of key importance in our well succeeded efforts. We are grateful for the work developed by the agency and for their energy to expand our visibility in Brazil. My director and our marketing vice-president are also very satisfied with the results that have been achieved. This validates our choice of working along with EPR” emphasizes André Rebelo, Wolters Kluwer’s Global PR director, to UpToDate.

Initially, during four months, the priorities of how to deal with media relations and the best strategies to achieve them were defined. The result was a range of initiatives with the press, such as the divulgence of special scripts and press releases that have introduced Wolters Kluwer into the best Brazilian media representatives, thus generating myriads of interviews and featured articles in recognized health communication vehicles.

After working two years in a row, the company keeps a high visibility level in Brazilian media, in terms of 320 articles per year, taking into account that 43% of those are published in medias of great relevance for WK’s businesses, most of them specialized in health. Beyond that, in 2016, Wolters Kluwer’s specialists wrote six articles regarding the importance of support resources in clinical decisions, so that health’s attendance can become better and more efficient. These contents have had a very positive repercussion in the press.

Within the initiatives, at least two of them deserve a special highlight. Firstly, the divulgence and the invitation to editors of WK’s events that happened on different capitals. Secondly, the elaboration and divulgence of success cases and customers profiles about the well succeed use of the UpToDate® technology in important hospitals of the country.

Wolters Kluwer keeps a work that is strong, directed and, more importantly, systematic, planned and recurring, characteristics that definitely have been helping to build up their reputation and to create a favorable environment to the development of businesses in Brazil. So much so that, recently, the partnership between EPR and the company was increased and Wolters Kluwer Drug Information’s division has started to count with the agency to develop their integrated communication program, whose planning includes media relations and content elaboration/diffusion, such as white papers and success cases.


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