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The world of communication broke down boundaries and became more complex since social networks has shown up. Technology’s impact has redefined the way people and organizations communicate.

EPR Comunicação Corporativa, an agency that has been more than 25 years in the field, attend company’s new needs offering integrated solutions tuned to the demands of digital world.

We create individualized programs of public relations, which promotes brand’s awareness and support business’s growth. We create relevant content in many formats, spreading them on different channels. We stablish relations with influencers and opinion leaders therefore affecting target audiences.

With an exquisite planning and execution, our programs and strategies encourage others to talk more and better about our clients.

Public Relations

The digital world runs in a frenetic and noisy rhythm, leading to an overwhelming number of news and a myriad diversity of sources and information.

Within integrated communication services, we help companies to outbrave the challenge of strengthening their brands, shoring up reputations and boosting their business. Our journalistic DNA enable us not only to identify, but also to craft the most interesting stories, increasing the visibility of our clients in a continuous and positive way, taking into account the best channel and format for each goal.

Visibility in the media, blogs and newsletters, solid attendance at social networking.

In brief, we recommend the best channels of communication and the best strategies in order to spread content, always aiming the strengthening of brands, the creation of website traffic and the influence and engagement of the most important publics.

Media Relations

We develop and manage the relationship of our clients with the media and promote its constant and positive exposure.

Inbound PR

We are pioneers in applying the concept of Inbound PR. That is why our work in the media also contributes, in a tangible way, to the results in the digital universe.


We have thought and planned the best way of building and keeping positive reputations of companies and organizations.

Media Training

We prepare spokespersons so they not only can hone their performance on interviews but also so they can spread solid messages.

Crisis’s Management

We support companies that are going through critical situations, helping them to track, cushion and manage eventual crisis.

Social Media

We plan the presence of organizations in accordance with strategies of communication. Moreover, we establish both editorial line and page’s management.

Content Marketing • Visual Communication

Which message does your company want to pass on? Which audience does it aim to influence and engage? To become a reference in your target market it is necessary to share knowledge and relevant, useful, indispensable information, which support client’s decision-making process.

Generating and publishing relevant content enable companies to keep close from their partners and from current and potential clients. They end up building value and creating a positive perception of their brands and products.


Complete projects for brand awareness, relevance, retention and loyalty. A journalistic approach comes together with the strength of visual communication.

Content Generation

We are qualified when producing white papers, e-books, success stories, video cases and infographics.


We recommend the best tools to spread content and the best course of action to outreach them.

Visual Communication

Creation of reports, folders, bookcases and videos. Distinguished projects, which promote an efficient communication with the market.

Our Expertise

EPR has already conducted many communication projects, relating them with companies in their different stages of development and sharing enriching experiences within a professional environment.


Throughout the years, we have helped hundreds of companies B2B in their market standpoints, also with a constant exposure of their differential advantages.

Global Clients / National Groups

We support these companies implementing programs that enlarge their visibility and assert their brand’s recognition.

International Projects

We implement communication programs in both Brazil and Latin America, aligning them with global strategies.

Business' Areas

We understand the conjunctures and the central aspects that have an impact not only on companies’ competitiveness but also on their success.


We support IT clients with a constant and positive exposure in the press, an active interaction in social media and an effective communication with their target audiences.


EPR has a guaranteed experience when it comes to support companies in the health chain. We assist in their communication projects, thus helping their market evolution. We delivery clear messages to both specialized and general public, taking into account the right language and the accurate tone, yet without simplifying technical aspects of content.


We provide visibility to institutions through an integrated communication program that has relevant contents and the best strategies to influence teachers, parents, students, rulers, academic and society representatives.


EPR successfully runs communication programs in companies of economic consulting, information technology services, architectural and smart cities projects. We help to make public their knowledge and point of view, making them recognized as references in their area of business.


It does not matter from which sector: furniture, metallurgy, medical equipment, machines or electronics. EPR has already joined myriads of projects in corporate communication in different and varied industry fields. We count with individualized projects that attend companies considering their market complexity and the regulatory mechanisms involved in their area of business.

Who We Are

We are an agency that values knowledge and experience, as much as innovation and dynamism. Our exquisite attendance, careful execution and effective management, always considering our client’s relations with their channels of communication, is what makes our team, composed of journalists and public relations professionals, distinguished.

Together with this team works a selected high standard chain of partners, such as publicity agencies, web designers, graphic and photographic producers.

As coordinators, there are professionals with a solid knowledge, proficiency and experience.

Ana Tarragó

EPR’s founder and partner, graduated in public relations and journalism, Ana Tarragó has occupied key positions in the communication field, in both national and international companies. She manages EPR’s planning activities and coordinates global clients’ accounts in multiple and different segments. She also leads trainings, projects of crisis management and of communication consulting.

Edna De Divitiis

EPR’s founder and partner, graduated in journalism, Edna De Divitiis has a large professional experience with redaction and with important public relations companies. She manages EPR’s planning activities and coordinates accounts of companies of varied business fields. She is responsible for spokespersons’ trainings, for consulting and communications projects and for crisis management. In addition, she is in charge of coordinating the editorials and the production of content.

Patrícia Barbosa

Graduated in journalism and specialized in marketing, Patrícia Barbosa coordinates teams and works with account attendance of local and global clients, in varied segments, such as IT, education and industry. Beyond her substantial knowledge in business communication, she has a large experience in strategic actions, which seeks the straightening of clients’ institutional image along with the media.



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